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Album Launch Day

A very special programme was broadcast live on Victoria’s VIBE radio today to celebrate the launch of a BCP SEN schools album. Over 10 weeks, in conjunction with Soundstorm and six other SEN schools, students from Class Portland have been working closely with musician Jack Grace to produce a track to represent our school on the album. Jack has guided the students through every stage of the song writing and recording process to produce the track entitled ‘T – The Octomouse’. The song evolved from a loose topic related to our school ‘One World’ theme of ‘under the water’. This also links to the theme we are using for Creative Arts Week this year. The rest was then in Portland’s hands and they have done an incredible job – composing, lyric writing, recording and producing the piece. Portland student Dakota will be joining Jo on stage at the Lighthouse in Poole on 4th July to talk about the project. Special thanks to Soundstorm, Jo Whittaker, Mike Whitlock, Tony Rudd and to Jack Grace for facilitating the sessions.

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