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Carmel has a facelift

Staff, students and visitors may have noticed that Carmel House has had scaffolding around the front for the past couple of weeks and may be wondering why. Well, Bridport based “Stonemasons of Dorset” have been in working on sections of Carmel’s stonework. Carmel House was built way back around 1885 and being south facing has had to endure all that the elements have thrown at it. Consequently there was some very deep erosion to repair. The sections of Portland stone were built up in layers with a colour match shelter coat and then cleaned with a superheated steam cleaner. Carmel’s gargoyle also got a face lift and had his teeth cleaned. Stonemason Ian Viney who has worked on the Chantry, the oldest building in Bridport, and apprentice Jack Baldwin from the Princes Foundation carried out the works.

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