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CN Trip to Calvert Trust – Day Three

The CN Calvert Trust Residential trip group are still having a fantastic time. Ali Dougal has sent through the latest details of their exploits from Wednesday. Enjoy…!

This morning started with Amar saying “This is even cooler than they told me it was!”. Our day started with horse riding, which was “epic”, with Charlotte and Maddie even getting their horses to do a trot!

Next up was crate stacking which the students loved – especially knocking all the crates down at the end of their go! James only wanted to go 2 high and ended up getting 8 high, so well done to James. Finally, we finished the day’s activities with the famous ‘King Swing’, which was awesome!

The pupils are having fun playing UNO at the moment and tonight we are having a BBQ – happy days!

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