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Dance Off

Rounding off what has been a truly special week of sporting and team activities on Victoria’s ‘Road to Rio’ Sports Week 2016, here are a few photos from today’s events. After a morning of Paralympic sport you could feel the air of anticipation in the run up to our, now legendary, dance-off. This year there was a distinctly Brazilian atmosphere with plenty of Samba, Carimbo and even a Jongo here and there (google it!). Our dancers were whittled down by judges Ceri Vosper, Andy Besant and Rob Belbin until we were left with just two. This year’s runner up Deniz Akgul was commended by the judges for his enthusiasm and Dance off champion for 2016, Ebony Robinson for her stamina in not only coping with Andre but also dancing for the whole hour. Our closing ceremony followed with prize giving culminating in the Paralympian of the week which was Abi Smith and our team of the week which this year went to Arne. There are so many people to thank, particularly our support, therapies and PE staff but also Martin Pincott, Lush and a special mention to Hannah Parry without whom nothing would have been possible. Also the many friends of the school who gave their time to make it so much fun. To you all we say the biggest Thank You we can muster.

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