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Funky Chameleon Festival

Hi Everyone I have been teaching class Pergins Events management this year and they have all enjoyed organising an event of their own and working towards their NCFE qualification. The students have put a lot of effort into an excellent event at St Aldhelms Hall on the 30th June. It will be running from 5.30 to 7.30 in the evening and there will be four acoustic acts that they have hand-picked and two fashion shows that they have organised, they have also worked with Tesco’s at setting up a buffet of free food and soft drinks, they are charging £3 for entry to cover the venue cost and any profits will go towards FOVEC, I’m sure the students will deliver an excellent event and it is a great experience for them, if any of you can make it I’m sure it will be worth your time, and the students will hugely appreciate it.

Thank You

Aaron Gregory: Tutor and Student Support

(Poster by Liam Drummond).

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