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Former VEC student Katie Farley visited today to present a cheque for £622 which she raised through an intrepid sky dive. The sky dive took place on 15th April at GoSkydive in Salisbury. Katie took part in a tandem jump from 15,000 feet which included a 1 minute freefall and was cheered on by student William Sabine, as well as friends and family. Katie, who has just graduated as a journalist, said:
“On the day we were kept waiting for some time because of low cloud, so when the all clear came I felt quite nervous. The jump was scary but exciting and on reflection I think I would do it again. I wanted to make the donation to Victoria because the school means a lot to me and has contributed to such a large part of my life”.
Well Katie, we are extremely grateful for this donation which will go towards funding one of our on-going projects to enrich our students learning experience. We understand that Katie is planning a bungee jump next which we look forward to hearing about.

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