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If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ to quote Shakespeare and last Friday Victoria were enjoying music in its many forms and colours on our Music Day. Students and staff enjoyed an off-timetable day learning about instruments and how they make their sounds, brilliantly demonstrated by Tim Woodwind. Our Drama studio was converted into a theatre for the day and we were entertained by the Wild Toy Theatre Company’s production of ‘The Fisher Knights Tale’, under the musical direction of Kaile Lucas. Puppeteers Sarah and Zenna brought this enchanting story to life using traditional story telling with ingenious props. Our friends the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra gave some memorable performances from the BBC’s secondary 10 pieces which is a music education scheme created by journalist Katy Jones for BBC Music. They performed some well-known pieces like Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries and also some lesser known music from DJ and composer Gabriel Prokofiev (Grandson of the Sergei Prokofiev) which uses classical music and incorporates unorthodox instruments. The audience was made up of visiting students from Linwood, Westfield, Oak Lodge, Wyvern Academy, St Francis, Icknield, Osbourne, and Baycroft schools as well as our own Horticulture department. We were also honoured to be visited by Lindsay Wilson, the Mayor of Poole, who had a tour of the school with Headteacher Simon Brown, as well as attending the first BSO performance of the day.

A full day of music, education and entertainment which we hope will fire our student’s imaginations and inspire them to develop a lifelong love of music. A very special thank you to all of the very talented performers, to Belinda Ellicott who is very much in our thoughts today, Annie for co-ordinating and to Lisa of the B.S.O.

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