Care, guidance and staff

Victoria Children’s Home is staffed at all times overseen by qualified senior staff  who report to the Registered Manager.

Staff work morning shifts to get young people up and off to school or out on a trip, other staff work in the afternoon to pick young people up from school and help you with meal times, bedtime routines, homework or accessing a local club/activities. There are also waking staff who work at night.

Our Care Promise 

Our home is managed by Livability. We promise to provide good quality accommodation and care. This is how:

We promise: 

1. To make your home comfortable and safe.

2. To help you live as independently as you wish.

3. To provide trained care staff.

Every child will have their own key worker. Keyworkers will make sure that things work out for young people and help to keep in touch with families, friends and social workers using various methods of communication (eg. webcam, Skype, communication books, etc). They will liaise with teachers, therapists and nurses and attend reviews and meetings. Keyworkers help access vital services such as doctors, dentists and opticians if you need them.

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