Key Stages

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Early Years Foundation Stage sets a firm foundation for a child’s education. With lots of play and fun, we help students to develop vital skills from creativity and communication to self-confidence and making friends. At the same time our therapy team focuses on developing mobility. An EYFS profile involving the child, parent and teacher is undertaken to map progress.

For more information please take a look at our EYFS page.


Primary (Key Stages 1 and 2)

The emphasis at this stage is based on a thematic approach to learning. Within the primary stages students will develop the fundamental skills of communication, literacy and numeracy. In addition students benefit from a rich and varied programme which provides opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills.

At these Key Stages, therapists continue to work alongside teaching staff and support students in the classroom to ensure therapy is integrated througout the day.


Secondary (Key Stages 3 and 4)

We provide an appropriate learning pathway for each student which is tailored to their skills and desires. We offer a range of qualifications and awards including GCSEs, Entry Level Awards, ASDAN, National Arts Award and Sports Leaders Awards. In addition, a key emphasis is placed on the development of life and work-related skills. Key Stage 4 brings students to their accreditation years and promotes further emphasis on their independence skills. Each student receives specific support related to their next steps. This maybe into Post-16, college or a residential/vocational placement.


Post 16

Our Post-16 students are based in Carmel House, a large Victorian building set in beautiful wooded grounds adjacent to the school.

Students spend between one and three years in Post-16. We try to choose courses that best fit each student’s individual needs. These range from Pre-Entry Level, through Entry Level 1 and up to Level 2. Details regarding accredited courses and qualifications can be found in the Post 16 Prospectus and our our Post 16 page.

Our core curriculum areas remain as English, Maths and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which are based upon ‘Functional Skills’ programmes. Functional Skills are seen as crucial in enabling individuals to make the most of learning and employment opportunities, as well as being relevant to life in general.

We understand the importance of learning life skills at this stage, so place emphasis on independent travel training and home management.

The transition of students from Victoria Education Centre to post-school provision represents a significant period of change for both the young leavers and their families. We work together with all parties to ensure
the transition period is a well established process and not a single event.

Parents and students have access to on-site future pathways support, information and guidance including meetings with our Future Options/Careers Advisor.

For more information on future options and careers please visit our Transition Planning & Leaver Destinations page.

For further information on Post 16 please take a look at our Post 16 page.

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