Other Curriculum Areas

Sport & Physical Education and Creative Arts

PE, Sports and Creative Arts play an important part in the lives of our students. Students are given the opportunity to take part in lots of physical and creative activities. Including extra-curricular clubs and whole school events such as Creative Arts Week and Sports Day.

Why not visit our Victoria Sports page or our Victoria Creative Arts page for more information.


Relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and sex education are taught within lessons like Science, Personal and Social Education (PSE) and Life Skills. As well as these set occasions, we ensure that individual students have opportunities to discuss these issues with nurses, support workers, voluntary external visitors and even past students who may be able to offer useful information. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the teaching of relationships and sex education if necessary.


Religious Education

Religious education is taught from a Christian standpoint. Students learn about respect and religious beliefs other than their own. Assemblies are an important part of our school day. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons and from assemblies by written request to the Headteacher. We can also make arrangements to attend religious services for students of other faiths.


Work-related learning and careers

We provide a guided, realistic and flexible careers education programme to enable students to make decisions about their future in further education, training or employment. Visits to industry and work centres are organised to meet the needs of each student. Where relevant, students are given opportunities to experience work placements. Our Future Options/Careers Advisor provides careers information, advice and guidance.

For further information on future options and careers please visit our Transition Planning & Leaver Destinations page.


ICT Access

The use of computer and assistive technology plays an important role in helping students access the whole curriculum. All students are assessed when they first join the school to ascertain what ICT equipment and specialised software would best enhance their learning.


New Technologies

At Victoria we are constantly looking at ways in which new technology can enable and enrich our students lives. Whether it is using a tablet computer for communication or taking part in a radio session to help build confidence.

Each class has access to iPads for use in class and on trips. We have our very own radio station called Vibe (Victoria Inclusive Broadcasting Enterprise) where students are able to record their own shows, stories and interviews. The Centre can tune in ‘live’ through our intranet and a recording is placed on Mixcloud, a sharing website, so that students, parents, carers and friends can listen at home.

You can visit our on demand service from our radio station by visiting our Vibe Radio page.

We are currently researching and experimenting with ‘Gesture Based Technology’ using a Microsoft Kinect. This technology enables students with profound disabilities a greater access to IT using ‘cause and effect’, and can be integrated with other technologies such as iPads, eyegaze and omiVista.

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