Victoria Dual/Split/ Part-Time Placements

At Victoria Education Centre (VEC) we recognise that every student needs their own individual educational experience and we have always supported dual or split placements. Most dual placements at Victoria Education Centre involve the student being at their mainstream school for either three or four days a week and at VEC for one or two days. Some students go to mainstream school for just one afternoon or a day a week. Unless agreed otherwise, the mainstream school remains the lead school and has responsibility for ensuring coverage of the core subjects.

In 2009 we started to take young people on a part-time basis to support them in a variety of specialist areas. These can include Physical Education, Swimming, Creative Arts (Art, Technology, Drama and Music), Media and Therapies (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy). This reflects our particular expertise in delivering physical programmes, practical subjects and enrichment activities to students with physical impairments. Students and families are able to select a part time option benefitting from our specialist subjects while still accessing mainstream education. We often see students’ self-esteem improve as they join us and take advantage of activities and therapies in our specialist part-time class which is led and managed by a teacher with dedicated support/therapy staff.

Just some of the benefits of taking up a part-time place at Victoria include:

  • New friendships
  • Confidence building
  • Independence
  • Inclusion in all activities at Victoria
  • Students can benefit from on-site specialist therapy provision
  • Students are able to access a range of exciting activities whilst learning with their peer group
  • Specialist Victoria staff offering inclusion and equipment assessments and advice in the mainstream setting
  • Victoria staff attending reviews and appointments

At the beginning of the placement a member of the Educational Leadership Team (ELT) will arrange a meeting with parents, Local Authority representatives and staff involved to agree timetables and other relevant matters. A member of the ELT and/or Class teacher and therapists will visit the partner school and invite partner staff to visit VEC.

Class teachers at Victoria liaise with relevant partner school staff. Assessment/achievement data and school/therapy progress reports will be shared with link schools and there is an expectation that they will share such information with us. Annual/transition/person-centred reviews are held by the school where the student spends the most time. We supply a written report in advance of meetings and representatives from both settings are invited to attend.

A school-school communication book will be given to each dual/split/part-time placed student and used for general communication between the schools. Class teachers regularly liaise through email and we have set up an extranet on our website which is a secure area for schools to share resources and students work online.

‘Effective dual registration at Victoria School has provided our student with excellent PE links and opportunities to mix with other students with restricted mobility’      SENCO – St Michael’s School

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