Core Therapies


The Physiotherapy team at Victoria Education Centre offers a needs-led service offering individual and group treatment sessions using a wide variety of equipment as well as aquatherapy where appropriate. The Physiotherapy team will liaise with all other staff groups regarding any physical programmes required by the students. They will also support the staff by educating them about posture, breathing issues and the need for ongoing positional changes.

In addition to direct treatment, regular clinics are organised and run in the department. These include orthotics, wheelchair services and visiting consultants. These clinics are supported by the Physiotherapy team and parents will be invited to attend. The swimming pool is heated to aquatherapy temperature and is used by the Physiotherapists to carry out movement and exercise with the children in a warm, enjoyable environment. Students are able to move more freely, mobilise muscles and joints and increase mobility, all under the careful guidance of the team.

The Physiotherapy team is aware of the relevance of both the physical and emotional needs of the students and where appropriate we are able to offer alternative approaches to treatment such as mindfulness and wellbeing.


Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT)

At Victoria Education Centre we recognise that communication is the foundation which underpins all aspects of a student’s educational and social development. This is reflected in our Total Communication Policy and Charter.

Our Speech and Language therapists and assistants work closely with the education, therapy, medical and residential teams to ensure students have the best possible access to communication through a variety of specialist resources.

We aim to promote the development of the spoken language, Makaton signing, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), high and low tech Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) and the social use of language, as individual needs dictate.

We have access to a wide range of AAC devices for assessment, including the latest technology in eye gaze and environmental controls. One of the most advanced forms of assistive technology, the eye gaze system allows students to access a computer through eye movement. Our specialist environmental control room has been designed to support students to develop their independence.

The Speech and Language team are also able to provide assessments and appropriate support for those students with eating and drinking difficulties. They run regular courses to enable staff to understand the best methods of assisting a student with both feeding and communication.


Occupational Therapy

The aim of Occupational Therapy is to enable students to reach their maximum functional potential. For new students, assessments are carried out in personal care (toileting, bathing, showering and dressing), feeding/drinking, hand function, splinting, accessing classroom equipment, seating, ICT access, independent living skills and sensory needs. Each student’s skills and needs are identified so that we can all work together, in both the school and the residential environments where appropriate to support the students in reaching their personal goals. Equipment will be provided and programmes established to assist the student in reaching their targets whilst aiming for maximum independence.

Our Occupational Therapists work closely with the student and their family, in class groups in the school and outside agencies to ensure continuity of service.



There is a team of registered Nurses within the Centre with varied experience in children’s nursing.

Students who require regular medical procedures such as enteral feeding, tracheostomy care, suction, catheterisation and stoma care, can all be supported on-site. Students with asthma, epilepsy and allergies are carefully monitored and treated as necessary. The nurses are also responsible for the dispensing and administration of medicines and will provide training to the care staff and classroom staff as and when required.

The Nursing team organises weekly clinics for the community paediatrician, dietician and orthoptist half termly visits, annual dental visits and community school nursing team for routine immunisations.


Rehabilitation Engineering

The school has an engineering department with a well-equipped workshop and a full-time Rehabilitation Engineer. The service provides on-site support. The interfacing with home and school environment is also really important.

A variety of materials and techniques are utilised to provide unique solutions to support the students’ needs. Existing equipment may be adapted to an individual’s prescribed requirements or the design of something completely new may be required.



Alongside the traditional and holistic therapy interventions we also offer an ‘Open Door’ counselling service. This confidential service offers students an opportunity to meet with a trained counsellor who aims to both support and reassure them. The students can refer themselves to this service or they can be referred by a member of the school team or a family member. The students can attend the sessions as long as they wish to do so and although the counsellor will advise them about coping strategies and self-support the door is never closed so they are welcome to return to the service at any time.

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