Extended Therapy Services

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

We provide a proactive, comprehensive wellbeing programme to support and promote student resilience, mental, social, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

At Victoria Education Centre we understand the importance of not just the ‘whole school’, but the ‘whole child’ approach.

The introduction of mindfulness activities across all abilities within the school provides students with daily opportunities to calm, decrease anxiety and emotional reactivity, enabling them to respond to their learning opportunities with a greater sense of focus, attention and concentration.

Mindfulness is, in essence, about paying attention to a present moment experience. This is achieved at Victoria Education Centre through a variety of different approaches, from sensory stimulation activities through to the awareness of breath in a gentle movement class.

Our creative and positive approaches boost the resilience and wellbeing of students.


Music Therapy

Music therapy is a psychological means of using music as a tool for interaction between the therapist and client(s). This can involve the use of songs but often uses musical improvisation (made up music).

A large variety of instruments including singing/vocalising are used as a means of communication in a unique manner and can reach people of all abilities and needs.

Our therapist responds to the way the students involve themselves in music therapy and therefore sessions are often student led, yet with some structure created by the therapist. Music therapy is not about teaching someone to play an instrument, or about students having a great level of musicality; it is about how the music is used to engage, interact and communicate that is the focus.



Students at the school may be able to access Hippotherapy as part of their therapy programme. We have strong links with a Riding Centre in the New Forest who are experienced in dealing with a large variety of conditions. The Centre employs their own Physiotherapist who assesses and treats the students depending on their abilities. The key benefits of riding are balance awareness, core muscle strength development and improving self-esteem although there are numerous other benefits gained by undertaking this interesting activity.


Rebound Therapy

As a therapy team on-site we also offer Rebound as an alternative activity either to support the achievement of further movement and balance goals or as a sensory experience. The trampoline is used to both stimulate muscle activity and to reduce muscle tone by varying the amount of pressure and speed of movement experienced whilst on the trampoline. All students are assessed for their suitability to take part in this therapy and the experience they have will reflect individual needs.

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