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Mumsnet's campaign

Important Information.
Parents and Carers please read the following information regarding Mumsnet’s campaign to lift restrictions on continence aids for families with disabled children.

Some disabled children need to continue to use continence aids throughout their childhood as a result of their impairments.

Although these should be supplied to meet individual children’s needs, in reality Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in some areas respond to funding challenges by placing blanket restrictions on their supply to families, often providing only 3 or 4 a day. This set number is often not sufficient to meet their child’s needs.

Mumsnet joined forces with EDCM to write to the Prime Minister David Cameron to challenge him to deliver on his commitment that his Government would tackle aid restrictions on the NHS.
The Prime Minister wrote to Mumsnet and EDCM in response to emails from more than 500 Mumsnet posters and supporters of EDCM.

He said that the Secretary of State for Health subsequently asked the Chief Executive of the NHS to tell PCTs that: ‘Pads should be provided in quantities appropriate to the individual’s continence needs. Arbitrary ceilings are inappropriate’.

If you have received an email from your PCT stating that there is a limit on the number of continence aids you are able to receive, there are a number of steps you can take to challenge this locally. Click the link below and follow the step by step instructions. The more parents and carers who do this the more the service will have to listen and do something about continence assessment.

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