Occupational Therapy at Victoria

The role of Occupational Therapy at Victoria Education Centre is to help our students develop skills to participate in everyday life, as independently as possible, encouraging them to reach their full potential and enhance their quality of life. We seek to offer opportunities through a flexible approach to develop their physical, cognitive, sensory abilities, and skills to improve their level of function and as a consequence, increase their confidence and self esteem.

¨ Every student has a named therapist

¨ We use purposeful and meaningful activity to design individual programs

¨ We work with children on a referral / needs led   basis, however some children may be involved in    specific programs or groups, for example fine  motor skills, handwriting, dressing skills.

¨ We see children on a termly, monthly, weekly or daily basis depending on their needs and requirements.

¨ We try to empower the students to be part of the decision making process setting goals with regard to their own therapy.

¨ We work with individual students, families, professionals and external organizations as part of a multi disciplinary team.

¨ We provide training both in service and to other agencies.

¨ We provide an outreach service to the community and other educational establishments.

¨  We have a wide range of experience and expertise and seek new approaches for treatment.


On initial assessment we establish a baseline assessment of the students’ abilities and experience and on the outcome of this we look further at areas including:

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