Physiotherapy at Victoria

Our goal is to obtain the maximum physical potential for each student . We achieve  this through a process of assessment and individualised programs supported with assessment and recommendations about equipment.


At  Victoria school , we recognise that there are no two children the same, regardless of diagnosis and or presentation. As such, physical programs need to acknowledge the differences and work towards specific individualised achievements. Each student has an allocated Physiotherapist who will work closely with parents/carers other therapists, educational and care staff to promote a continuous and integrated approach to the delivery of the program.

A  programme  for a student could involve the experience of standing within the classroom using a standing frame, a supported walk and regular changes of position. In conjunction with this, individual therapy sessions are allocated to the student within their weekly time table. These individualised sessions may include passive stretching routines, use of balance equipment,  bike riding ,  yoga session (see link), soft tissue massage, active exercises, gait re-education, Riding therapy (Hippotherapy), sensory sessions and Aqua therapy, work on the trampolines (Rebound therapy),.

The assessment process will clarify the most suitable and beneficial treatment choice.This involves often a multidisciplinary approach to ensure optimal access to the national curriculum.

The Physiotherapy team comprises of 6 physiotherapists and 1 assistant. The physiotherapists have to be state registered and a member of the Health Care Professionals Council (HCP). They have a broad range of experience which enables the therapist  to delivery a wide range of potential treatment options taking into account the needs of the whole student and nurturing a holistic approach. To enable us to manage the physical issues the students face, a range of clinics are run on site. This includes orthotics, wheelchair services, Orthopaedic consultant and a range of other support services.

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