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Road to Rio

Today saw the launch of Victoria’s ‘Road to Rio’. This year is a huge summer of sporting activity across the world with major tournaments in football, cricket and rugby among others. The biggest of them all is the Olympic Games in Rio starting on the 5th August and the Paralympic Games starting on the 7th September. To mark these world events we are taking part in Sainsbury’s initiative to encourage children and adults, all around the country to get active. The challenge is to travel the distance 9, 298km or 5777.509 miles between the Olympic Stadium in London, to the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro by the end of term. That gives us just 28 days to get busy. During lessons and clubs our students will be measuring the distance they travel, walk or run around school and this will be added up to tick off the miles on a huge wall chart in PE. Staff will be getting involved as well with an outside and inside course being set up. All distance covered by staff members will also be counted. This also means if a staff member walks or cycles to work or has completed a fun run then this can also be added to the total. An action photograph of classes and staff taking part will be placed on the board along the distance they covered and a mini success story. We will post updates as we tick off the miles to Rio 2016.




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