Post 16

Post 16 at Victoria Education Centre is based in Carmel House. There are currently four groups. Below you will find more information on each and a yearly content letter which will give you further information on what each group will be doing this academic year.


Green Island

Welcome to Post 16 Green Island. We are a sensory class working within Pre-Entry Levels. Our approach is based on a multi-sensory impaired curriculum with much focus on communication skills and building relationships. We use Makaton and tactile signing to reinforce our language, Objects of Reference and cues for different lessons or key times of the day.

We love getting messy and frequently explore all sorts of things with different parts of our bodies using a wide variety of media and materials. We have multi-sensory and body awareness sessions in the MILE (Multi-Sensory Interactive Learning Environment) room and opportunities for individual and group sessions with a resonance board, music therapist, sound beam and Omivista. Students frequently have changes of position throughout the day on floor mats, walkers, standing frames or gym balls etc. Cause and effect and ICT informs a good deal of our work, and we use switches, powerlinks or iPads for sound effects, to make toys work, to operate lights, kitchen equipment, and the hairdryer after swimming. We have Speech and Language Therapy as small groups or individual sessions and work with our Physiotherapists on specific exercises, stretches, active movements, or Rebound Therapy during an afternoon of PE, and at other times in class.

We have a number of sensory-style lessons each week with specialist teachers, including swimming, dance, drama and music.

Throughout the year the Key Stage 4 students complete modules for ASDAN Transition Challenge, and Post 16 students work towards a variety of ASDAN Towards Independence Modules, and ASDAN Personal Progress. The fantastic completed Portfolios for these awards are testament to our fun, hard work, and perseverance!

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We in Furzey Class take a practical life skills approach to our learning. We follow a wide and rich curriculum, designed with the interests of our students at heart, to learn, apply and develop functional literacy, communication and numeracy skills. Students work towards certificates and awards from pre-Entry to Entry level such as ASDAN Towards Independence, APT Awards and PSD. Students get plenty of opportunity to consolidate their skills in the real world though numerous excursions, visiting speakers and annual work experience opportunities, whilst in school we take full advantage of the many different specialist facilities such as the radio station, media suite, food technology room and Horticulture Centre.

Physiotherapy is delivered in individual and group session supported by weekly swimming and PE lessons plus additional services such as hydrotherapy. Speech and Language support is provided as individual session or group session as appropriate to the student.

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Class Pergins is Post 16 tutor group based in Carmel House. Students study a core curriculum which includes Employability and Life Skills to maximise personal independence and develop key skills required for the workplace where appropriate and Literacy and Numeracy programmes suited to individual need, including GCSE Maths and English. All students participate in PE, ICT and Creative Arts lessons and can also choose from a variety of further options which currently include Spanish, Photography, Radio, Child Development and Music Technology. Most courses lead to qualification or accreditation at either Entry Level, Level 1 or GCSE.

In addition to their academic studies, students swim weekly in the hydrotherapy pool and receive physiotherapy and Speech and Language therapy tailored to their individual requirements. Students make full use of our specialist facilities such as the school radio station and the creative media suite but also enjoy numerous off site trips to extend learning and encourage independence.

As students progress through their time in Pergins, we aim to develop students’ confidence, social skills and self esteem – all crucial for their lives in the wider community in addition to gaining academic qualifications.

Read Class Pergins Academic Year Content Letter

You can find out more about Post 16 from our Victoria Post 16 page

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