We currently have four primary classes. Below you will find some information about each class. You will also find copies of their termly content letters which go into further detail about what they will be covering this term.


Class JW

Class JW is a Key Stage One class for students of mixed ability .We have a class teacher based in the classroom and students go to other areas of the school for subjects such as music, PE and swimming. All our teaching and learning is personalised to meet every individual child’s needs and focuses strongly on communication, choice making and engagement. Children are taught using a curriculum that is most suited to their learning needs; we use the MSI curriculum, Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum. Our class focuses strongly on communication, staff are confident in the use of body signs called Tassels, Makaton, communication books, symbols and high tech communication aids.

In Class JW we use play and playfulness as a means of ensuring that students are learning at their highest level of engagement and thinking skills. We aim to use outdoor learning throughout the year to extend students’ experiences and understanding of the world. We have a termly topic as a basis for teaching and experiences. Students go out on a number of trips each term, some topic related and some in the local area such as the library or to shops.

Therapies support the students’ development through group and individual sessions. Throughout the day class staff support students to use walkers, standing frames, to have regular changes of position and to develop their motor skills.

Read our MSI Autumn Term Content Letter 2017

Read our EYFS Autumn Term Content Letter 2017


Class KW

Class KW is a Key Stage 2/3 class. We have a class teacher for many of the curriculum subjects and specialist teachers for Drama, Dance, PE, French, Music, and Art. We use a Total Communication approach – supporting communication with Makaton signs, Boardmaker symbols and objects of reference whilst students use communication books and aids (such as iPads).

Our termly cross-curricular topics allow students to be immersed in learning on a theme that can be consolidated across the curriculum and provide many opportunities to generalise knowledge and practice skills. We get out and about as much as possible to practise functional maths and communication skills in the local community but we, also, make special visits to places of interest.

Our goal is to inspire our students to embrace their learning and have plenty of fun along the way!

Read our Autumn Term Content Letter 2017


Class LB

Class LB is a Key Stage 2 class and we use a Total Communication approach when delivering the curriculum. The students in our class use a variety of communication aids (including communication books, iPads, EyeGaze, etc) and we also use both Makaton and Signed Supported English.

We have a class teacher for most of our curriculum subjects and then have specialist teachers for Drama, PE, Dance, Art and Music. Each term we have a cross curricular topic and like to explore as many different aspects about them as possible – for example:

  • The Stone Age
  • Ourselves and our bodies
  • Celebrations

During the year we also have trips out where we explore our local community or visit different places that link to our topic – this term we are hoping to go to Stonehenge.

Mostly we have great fun every day and enjoy achieving success!

Read our Autumn Term Content Letter 2017


Class Rainbows

Class Rainbows teach and learn through the MSI curriculum using an approach that reflects the needs of the children and how they experience the world.

The students experience a rich range of teaching and learning opportunities that are supported through the use of Touch cues, Makaton, Objects of reference and cues for learning.

Students in class Rainbows take part in a range of activities during the week. Here are some of the things we do….

  • Going for walks to explore our environment and understand time and place
  • Making yummy food in food tech
  • Relaxation, body awareness and resonance
  • Physical orientation and development through rebound, Hippo therapy, Hydro therapy, horse riding, P.E and swimming
  • Controlling their environment through switches and touch screen
  • Intensive interaction
  • Tactile stories, sensory activities including art
  • Communication activities

Read our Autumn Term Content Letter 2017

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