Speech and Language Therapy at Victoria

“Even more basic than the power of speech is the freedom to speak”

Stephen Hawkins

      At Victoria Education Centre, we believe communication is a basic human right and an essential life skill. That is why we have a Total Communication approach, and our Communication Charter, which is a bill of rights for our students.

      Our Total Communication approach throughout school means pupils have access to their own means of communication throughout the day.

      We aim to develop means of communication appropriate to each student’s individual needs.

      Create opportunities for communication throughout the curriculum to enable each student to understand information and communicate to the best of their ability.

  To meet these aims we have experience and expertise in a wide range of Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems, from high tech aids accessed via eye gaze or switches, to simple technology using single switches, communication books and charts.

 We work in the multidisciplinary team of Speech and Language Therapists, Physios, OTs, rehab engineer, and assistive technology co-ordinator to establish best possible results for our students. We have access to loans from all the major communication aid suppliers to assist in the assessment process, as well as a bank of our own loan devices, and a range of low tech devices.



The areas we provide support for include:


Receptive Skills:


Attention, Listening, Memory, Understanding Visual timetables etc


Expressive Skills:


Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), Symbols, Makaton Signing, Social Skills etc


Speech and Language:

Speech sounds, Voice, Oral skills, Stammering, Vocabulary, Grammar, Narrative skills

Eating and Drinking:

Safety of swallowing, Enjoyment of food, Development of eating skills



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