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Sports Week Swimming, Boccia and Dance!

Sadly sports week has had it’s closing ceremony. Golden Goggles swimming gala was held for the very first time in our new pool which proved to be every bit as brilliant as we’d hoped. After some very hard fought races the Golden Goggles this year went to Class JW. In the sports hall a full Boccia tournament was held. Again, the standard was high and closely run but three champions emerged, Jude Wardell-Knights, Jacob Whitehouse and Kieran Collins. The day culminated in the great Victoria dance-off where students and staff alike let their hair down to try and win the coveted dance-off trophy. The winner this year was the awesome Abbie Graham! It’s been an amazing sports week and Monday seems a long time ago now. On behalf of the school thank-you to all those that made it so good for us this year. From staff to organisations to friends, parents and more besides. Thank you.

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