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The OT Team presents: #FineMotorFriday!

Good Morning Victoria! The OT Crew here and today is #FineMotorFriday and we have a game for you to try at home.

Activity #1: Coin drop minute to win it – how many coins can you drop into the container in one minute?

You will need: A bowl, variety of coins (sanitise these before use), container with a slit in the top (like a piggy bank), timer (phone stop watch)

Directions: Set up your coins in bowl

Have your container or piggy bank at the ready

Pick one coin up at a time and see how many coins you can push into the container in 1 minute

When the minute is up, pour the coins out of the container and count them

For older students, add the coins up by the £ amount to practise money skills!

Adaptations: Use pound coins for those who may have difficulty grasping the smaller coins or, to make it harder, use ten pence coins to challenge pincer grasp and in-hand manipulation when picking up the coins.

We would love hear how you get on and see you in action!

Have fun,
With love from the Occupational Therapy Team

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