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Water Aid Launch Day

Today is Water Aid launch day at Victoria and the students and staff have been enjoying the sunshine and creating a “human pipeline” on the sports pitch. “Water” is the theme for this term and our aim is to raise enough money through penny appeal.org to build a well in either Bangladesh, India, Nepal or Pakistan. Three children die every minute from drinking dirty water in these countries but with reliable access to clean water, thousands of lives could be saved. At Victoria our students really want to help so we are running various fund raising events throughout the summer term. Our human pipeline served to emphasise to the students how precious water is and perhaps how we take it for granted. Lead on the day Lisa Boyes commented “It was a useful lesson to the students to see how hard it was to get just a cupful of water from one end of the line to the other, and to realise how precious water is, so don’t waste it”.

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