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Our Vision and Values


A centre where successful learning and high levels of achievement prepare children and young adults for fulfilling future lives.


  • The individual young person must be at the centre of all that we do
  • Every student must be respected, valued and nurtured and their voice must be heard
  • Learning is the key to students’ future lives. We believe that successful learning comes from skilful teaching, and innovative and personalised curriculum and from a real partnership with families
  • Learning should be fun. We emphasise the development of self-esteem and confidence
  • Every student’s achievements should be recognised and celebrated

We want our school to be

  • A warm, welcoming community of students, parents and staff. We want to offer support and opportunities for personal growth and lifetime learning for all
  • A place that prepares students for their future lives. We teach students the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to gain as much independence as they possibly can. We help students to make choices and provide opportunities for them to become part of a wider community
  • A place where everyone is respected and where everyone works at and develops good relationships and friendships. Our school must be a safe place for learning and fun, where we support students’ emotional, social and spiritual development
  • A place where our students can receive an education that meets the highest expectations. We provide an exciting curriculum which meets each student where they are and provides them with challenges and opportunities for growth

About Livability

Livability Victoria Education Centre is part of the Livability family of services.

Livability is the disability charity that connects people with their communities.

We tackle social isolation and the barriers that can cause this in the lives of disabled and vulnerable people.

Through a wide range of disability, education, training and community services, we promote inclusion and wellbeing for all.

Together, we work to see people take part, contribute and be valued. We put the elements in place that all add up to connected lives and communities.

Livability is a proven and trusted provider of disability care and community projects throughout the UK, with a 2000-strong staff and volunteer team.

Created by a merger of The Shaftesbury Society and John Grooms, Livability has an 170-year track record in community and inclusion work.

Visit the Livability website here.

As part of Livability, we believe in the following core values:


We are
open and real

We strive to be warm-hearted, straightforward and honest. We open doors and create opportunities. We take time to listen to each other and to the people we work with, because that is how we grow.


We think
people are amazing

Everyone has something to offer, if they are just given the chance. So, as well as helping with basic needs, we help people take part and be valued – because that is what makes life livable. We are ambitious to achieve real change.


We demand fairness

Far too many people are excluded in our society. We want a fairer world where all are valued, both for what we have in common and for what makes us different. We all share a responsibility to make that a reality.


We are the best we can be

Each day we ask ourselves, what can we do better? In work as in life, we are motivated by our bold commitment to making life better for people and their communities, and we hold ourselves to account for the difference we make.

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