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At Victoria Education Centre we are committed to providing a caring, relaxed and safe environment in which all our students are able to learn, develop and progress to their full potential. Bullying remains a common problem particularly in schools and now, in the age of social media and smart phones, bullying no longer stops at the school gates. Since its inception, the internet has introduced us to an ever-expanding world of educational and social resources for disabled and special educational needs students. Despite these advances, many of those who log on are met with bullying, intimidation and harassment – and none more so than the young and disabled. One worrying statistic states that here in Britain 60% of students with disabilities reported being bullied, compared to 25% of the general student population.

Any form of bullying is unacceptable. If bullying does occur, students need to know that it will be dealt with properly and efficiently. We aim to be a TELLING school meaning that if a student suspects bullying may be happening, they are able to tell staff.

We also aim to prevent bullying. It is therefore important that we create a trusting environment in which it is easy for the students to confide in staff/adults.

If you child is subject to or aware of an incident of bullying they should immediately tell class staff or go directly to our Anti-Bullying Champion, Sally Darby who will deal with the matter as per our Anti-bullying & Cyber-bullying Policy.

Our Post 16 students had discussion sessions on the causes and consequences of bullying and decided they would like to make a video offering some tips and advice on dealing with a tricky situation. Please check out the video.

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