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Sports Week – Final Day

All good things come to an end and unfortunately Friday was the final day in our epic medieval four days of fun and activities for National Sports Week. Today was ‘Ye Olde Cart Racing Day’ (or the VEC annual Grand Prix to you and me!)

The excitement started to build early with a pre-race meeting and registration in the sports hall. After that it was a practice lap and the chance for everybody to have a closer look at all the wonderful vehicles on display today. As usual there were two races, the propelled and the self-propelled.  After lunch you could cut the tension with a knife as the students on both tracks waited patiently on the grid awaiting the ‘off’. Head of PE Hannah and Martin waved their flags and the students surged forth. The race had begun. After 30 minutes of thrilling racing the chequered flag was waved and it was all over.

There were some memorable performances today with awards for effort going to Jenson Sutton, Charlotte Wakefield and Alisha Messer. In the propelled race George Norris came 3rd; Abbie Graham 2nd and Asher Hinks took 1st. In the self-propelled event Reece Collins came 3rd; Tyler Powell 2nd and Tom Truong 1st. Class trophies for overall performance during the week went to Rainbows and Class LB. The awards were presented by school friends Tony Bernard of the Steve Bernard Foundation and Daemon Baker from Eden Vauxhall in Branksome.

These events take a lot of organising so our huge thanks go Hannah Parry, Martin Cook and all of the amazing VEC sports department for organising and staging sports week. Also special thanks go to Paula Allcroft and friends, The Sporting Bears, Vauxhall Cars Branksome and Tony Bernard. A brilliant four days.

Don’t forget our magical premiere on Sunday of this year’s school production of The Wizard of Oz.

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