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World Book Day 2018

It’s Book Day! Students and staff look amazing with our “You’ll never guess what happened” theme with costumes that reflect when something extraordinary, brilliant or funny happened.  We held a special assembly and parade of costumes this morning with the whole school participating in creating our very own story. Each class were given a large dice with words and images on each face and the story unfolded with each throw. The result was a fun and entertaining story that was completely randomly generated which you can read below. Part of the day was also given over to shared activities and a photo booth was set up in the Drama studio. Victoria’s VIBE radio was also involved in recording the student’s memories and stories. A great day all round.


Once upon a time, there was a racing car driver named Mr Speedy. Mr Speedy was extremely busy on a rollercoaster at Victoria Education Centre, when all of a sudden, an unbelievably terrifying thing happened…

Mr Speedy was shocked to find that he had been invited to London to see the Queen and have lunch with her! It took Mr Speedy by such surprise that he almost tripped over his pet bunny rabbit!

Mr Speedy phoned his best friend, the dinosaur, as they would undoubtedly know exactly how to react and what to do next. And just as Mr Speedy had predicted, the dinosaur took one look at Mr Speedy, and confidently declared, “I know exactly what you need! You need a pair of pants! That’s really the best and only thing that’s required when you’ve been invited to lunch by the Queen.”

And sure enough, the dinosaur was completely right. The pair of pants was the perfect thing for when an invitation for lunch with the Queen happens.

And Mr Speedy and the dinosaur all had a fabulous day and were treated to ice cream by their teacher.

The End.

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