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A Huge Thank You To Marc and Leanne from Safe Haven Exotics

Safe Haven exotics came in to see us and brought some beautiful creatures for us to interact with. A bearded dragon lizard no less, along with a Giant Tortoise, a Royal Python and finally a majestic Bosk Monitor Lizard called Pancake. The students were very pleased to see them though Mike the cleaner wasn’t (See Zara holding the tortoise photo). The visit was organised for our “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” LEAP group. Other fun activities have included “bush tucker trials” and blindfolded star retrieval. Safe Haven Exotics started rescuing animals in 2008. In April 2009 they officially became a Safe Haven Reptile Centre and opened a small shop on Ashley Road to help fund the rescue. It also gave them a base to meet people who were interested in adopting a reptile. In November 2009 they became a Community Interest Company (a non-profit organisation) and changed their name to Safe Haven Exotics C.I.C.

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