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Buy School Uniform

Students are proud of their school and are keen to present it at its best. This includes wearing our school uniform where appropriate and keeping themselves neat and tidy.

School uniform can be purchased online from the following link: https://www.axentxtra.com/collections/victoria-education-centre

Please ensure that all uniform items are clearly marked with your son/daughter’s name. Any casual clothes that are worn to school should also be clearly marked.

Post 16 students do not wear uniform but should present themselves dressed ‘as for work’.

A small amount of good second-hand uniform is available from school at a reduced cost.

Students in all classes apart from Post 16 wear:

Upper garments:

Blue school sweatshirt

A light blue school polo shirt or white polo shirt

Leg garments:

Charcoal grey or black trousers/leggings


For PE and Games we ask that students bring:

Shorts / Track suit

White T shirts



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