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Victoria Therapies

All the therapy provision is based at the school so we are able to arrange the therapy sessions as an integral part of the school day. Our on-site therapy team offers a holistic approach which aims to meet the students’ ongoing health and physical development needs. We recognise the individual requirements of all our students and offer individualised therapy programmes.

One of the real strengths of our multiagency school is the communication and liaison between staff. This means a therapist can advise a class team member on how a particular student can benefit from ongoing therapeutic intervention. We have worked hard to integrate the therapy skills throughout the Centre. Individual treatment sessions are still important but in addition, the education of staff working with the students in a group setting has proved to be of great value.

Every new student has a series of assessments which form the basis of their individual treatment plans; these plans will support the students in reaching their goals. Every student will have a named Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Nurse.

‘Teachers and therapists work closely together to set and review pupils targets to maximise their progress.’ Ofsted 2015

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