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Victoria School

We provide a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum which is accessible to all our students and provides smooth progression and continuity from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through to Post 16.

Our curriculum offer includes the National Curriculum where appropriate and additional elements which incorporate cross-curricular and enrichment opportunities, learning outside the classroom and out of school hours learning. The aim is to provide students with a rich curricular experience which enables them to develop the skills and competencies to live a full life and realise their potential.

Our school is based on Christian principles and we actively promote values which ensure that our students develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility. We prepare our students for life in modern Britain by developing an understanding of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and celebrating differences.

We value the achievements of all students and strive to ensure that they achieve success in all aspects of their learning. These successes are celebrated in our weekly achievement assemblies.

‘Pupils from the youngest to the oldest make outstanding progress.’ They ‘thrive, enjoy school, and achieve well academically, vocationally and in their personal and social development.’ Ofsted 2015

Progress through the curriculum

On admission, each student will undergo a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment. This is linked with their EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) or Statement of Special Educational Needs and will identify the student’s needs and priorities for learning.

Students’ progress is closely monitored throughout the year to inform planning, to keep account of the range of experiences covered, to celebrate achievements and to provide information for reporting. Annual and transitional reviews have a person centred approach, to ensure that every student reaches his or her full potential and continues to receive the correct level of support.

For a more in depth overview of or curriculum please visit our School Curriculum Overview page.

‘The range of subjects and experiences offered to pupils is excellent. The curriculum meets the wide range of learning needs well and equips pupils with the skills they need.’ Ofsted 2015

Support for learning

Wherever possible, students are taught in appropriate Key Stage groups. Each Teacher works with a Senior Teaching Assistant (STA), Teaching Assistant (TA) and Education Support Workers (ESWs) in small class groups.

Every student has an Personal Learning Plan (PLP), setting out their needs, goals and priorities. They are regulary reviewed to make sure that each child is catered for and that achievements are celebrated.

The therapy teams offer an integrated service, supporting students within the classroom and working alongside teachers and ESWs. Therapeutic intervention supports students with their communication, and physical wellbeing, all of which are paramount in enabling successful learning.

Collaborative planning means that learning and therapy outcomes are person centred and can be incorporated into meaningful activities. Learning does not stop when care needs arise. Engaging individuals in aspects of eating, drinking and other personal care is an integral part of each young person’s day.

‘Teaching is outstanding and has numerous strengths’, it is ‘dynamic and enthusiastic and pupils respond well to this infectious approach’. Ofsted 2015


All our students are encouraged to express themselves to the best of their ability through sport, drama, music, dance, art and technology. These activities, and many more, play a huge part in their personal and social development.

Each day, the Welcome programme offers an exciting, flexible, individualised 30-minute session, when students can work on ‘core skills’ and prepare for learning.

Our weekly Learning Enrichment Activity Programme (LEAP) gives students the opportunity to choose from a range of enrichment activities such as African drumming, rebound therapy, fitness and film making. They also get the opportunity to care for our school rabbits in our very own ‘Pets Corner’.

We offer educational visits plus recreational, social and physical activities. Sporting, drama and music events feature strongly, as well as art and design which is an important part of our curriculum. Each year our students can participate in a production.

‘Relationships between staff and pupils are exceptional’. Ofsted 2015

Multi-Sensory Provision

Our specialist approaches ensure that sensory skills are maximised and programmes are developed for each child with the sensory input needed to help them reach their potential. Students encounter controlled sensory experiences in the Multi Sensory Interactive Learning Environment (MILE) Room, or within their classrooms. These activities and experiences encourage and develop their independence and communication.

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