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Creative Arts Week

Creative arts week 2015 is well under way at the time of writing this and our students have been taking part in a diverse range of activities across the school. The Theme for this year’s special week is “Wonders of the World”. Over the course of the last three days with one to go the focus has been on some of the most wonderful and exciting locations around the world. Sand sculpting to create a “Petra” style temple with Chinese block printing to create our very own great wall featured on day one.  Aztec chocolate making in Explorers featured next where they chose their own shaped mould and then poured chocolate into and finished it all off with an edible transfer. Inca jewellery making was next up but a highlight for some students was making Greek masks and taking part in some drama.

Tuesday’s timetable was just as full and we were very lucky to be visited by our friends from Lush in Poole. We were treated to some aromatherapy and sensory experiences with their aromatic oils and lotions. Also on Tuesday the students helped to build a Peacock throne and took to the swimming pool for some “Sea Battles”. There is also some chariot racing planned.

Today’s events have seen the building of our own Coliseum, some Chinese shadow puppetry with some of our older students producing some animations using the “stop frame” method with some of their Harry Potter models. Tomorrow sees the culmination of the week’s events with musical wonders and the award of the Creative Arts Challenge Cup which will be given to the class who has created the best terracotta warriors in this year’s challenge. Although it’s not quite over we would like to thank the indefatigable Belinda Ellicott for organising an amazing week.

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