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Donations for the Food bank

We hope everyone had a great half term break, the second half of the Autumn term has begun and we’d like to start by thanking everyone who donated food as part of our Harvest Celebration at the end of last half term.

Once again the students, parents, carers and staff provided a car boot full of food to the Poole Food Bank who were very grateful for the donations.

This food will now be boxed up and given out to those in our community who struggle to find money for the basic essentials which we often take for granted.

Thanks again for your generous gifts and hopefully we can do the same again next year.

Events now coming over the horizon are as follows:

13th November is Children in need day

16th – 20th November is Anti- Bullying Week

21st November is the FOVEC Christmas Fayre

More on these and December’s events will follow.

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