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Grand Shaftsbury 10km run

With little more than a week’s training… some more dedicated than others, staff members Kitty Dean and Sean Mogg along with their friends Jon Skipton, Adam Burt and Tom Purcell took on the challenge of the Grand Shaftsbury 10km run.

Kitty and Sean were rumoured to be taking odds on who would finish on top, but it was the whippet Adam Burt a friend of Victoria Education Centre who came home first in a time of 51 minutes. All of our runners followed him home to the finish line safely, although some were enjoying the stunning views of St Giles House grounds and countryside for slightly longer…

But with the support from Victoria Children’s Home and their friends and family they all had a great day out and are now looking forward to the next challenge, if you’d like to join them please speak to Sean Mogg or Kitty Dean as they plot our next adventure.

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