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Jon Kirkpatrick – Runner up in Euro Music Competition

Posted for you today on our Facebook page is a video of JK’s entry into the Soundbeam competition. The competition was organised by Soundbeam themselves to mark their 25th Anniversary. With entries invited from all over Europe JK with the support of Digi Music Wizard Mike Whitlock actually came runners up winning £100 and no limit of prestige. The Judging panel included the inventor of the Soundbeam system itself and none other than Led Zeppelin Bass legend John Paul Jones who gave JK’s version of Stairway to Heaven the thumbs up.
Here are the judges’ and moderators’ comments on some of the pieces submitted:

“We applaud Mike Whitlock’s evident dedication and dynamism as a Soundbeam teacher/facilitator and there are some fantastic examples of beaming in these films, notably from Abi and Liam, and an enjoyable homage to one of our esteemed judges from Jon Kirkpatrick. Abbey’s mastery of the beam and exuberance in her playing is impressive, and the idea of using Peter and the Wolf to explore different instruments is inspired. ”

Congrats go to Jon, Abi, Liam and Mike on this fantastic achievement.

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