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Living at Victoria

Moving to a new place is sometimes scary.  We do our very best to make the transition as easy as possible for young people and their families. We meet everyone in advance to make sure everything is ready and in place, from decorating your own bedroom to meeting the staff who will look after you. Often residents have several trials sleeping over before they move in.

Residents will have their own bedrooms which are their own private spaces. They can have their own TVs and music systems as well as any other special equipment they enjoy using. There will also be a place in the rooms where valuable items can be locked away. Each resident is able to access the lounges to socialise or just relax and chill out. There is WiFi available to all residents and a ‘Chill Zone’ to relax and enjoy sensory activities.

At Victoria we encourage a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is very important to us and we encourage all to take part in sport and other activities. As well as a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet is also important. We have a chef who prepares our meals and there are always plenty of healthy choices. Residents are given the opportunity to prepare their own meals with the support of the staff and key workers.

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