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Trips, Activities and Holidays

Getting out and about is a really big part of young peoples’ lives and we strive to make these opportunities both accessible and achievable for all our residents. Each week residents get together with staff to look at what activities they would like to take part in on weekends. Staff are then able to utilise both onsite and offsite resources to enable this to happen. During the week, in evenings residents are able to access a host of offsite visits.

The holidays are both a rest from the routine of school and an opportunity to have fun with friends. Residents staying during these periods are able to take advantage of exciting residential holiday experiences which are organised and delivered by our staff.

Some trips and activities have included:

  • Beach and Boat trips from Poole and Sandbanks.
  • Visits to the many local tourist attractions like Adventure Parks and museums.
  • Holidays utilising the school’s adapted chalet in Rockley Park or adapted guest house in Weymouth.
  • Trips away to adventure holiday destinations such as the Calvert Trust in Exmoor.
  • Local and National sporting events and fixtures.
  • Productions of music, cinema and theatre both regionally and nationally.

The aim of these visits is to ensure our students are happy and safe whilst always improving opportunities for them to develop both socially and emotionally.

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