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Mental Health Awareness Week – Day Five

For the final day of our drive of highlighting mental health awareness we have created a playlist of three short videos we would like to bring to your attention which you can access below.

The first is called ‘The Black Dog’ which was posted by the World Health Organisation who worked with writer and illustrator Matthew Johnston on this animated story about overcoming depression.

‘Brené Brown on Empathy’ runs for a little under 3 minutes and is a beautifully animated Royal Society of Arts film. Dr Brené Brown is a research professor and best-selling author. She has spent the past decade studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.

Lastly is this thought provoking film by Gary Turk. ‘Look up’ is all about finding balance in a world of social media and smart technology.  It’s about making sure you are awake, alive and living life in the moment; instead of living your life through a screen. Sound familiar?

We hope you have found this week’s posts useful and we have gone at least some way in providing the tools we all sometimes need to recognise and cope with stress levels in our busy lives.

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