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Presentation Evening at Alderney Manor Community Centre

We would like to say a huge thank you to Lisa Brown and Becki Courage who came in today and presented us with a cheque for a brilliant £899.50. Lisa and club secretary Becki, organised a Raffle and Buffet evening at the Alderney Manor Community Centre to raise money to buy music therapy equipment for use across Victoria. The evening was attended by Sue Stratis who presented a short talk all about our school. Lisa’s Husband is planning a sky dive for Victoria at some point in the future so watch this space.We have close ties to the Community Centre as some of the club members are parents of former Victoria students.

We would also like to thank Lynne Crighton who is the Mother of former student Rhea Harding. Rhea sadly passed away in September last year and Lynne has donated her power chair to the school. Rhea is fondly remembered by all staff who remembers her time here.

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