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School We'd Like Competition

Some of our students and staff went to London yesterday in a bid to improve our Pets Corner. Carolyn Nelms, Jen Williams and Amy Hunt took students Jacob Glen Davis and Abbie Graham in a bid for £5000 grant. Amy writes…..

“Back in November Carolyn Nelms, Jen Williams and Amy Hunt put together an entry for the ‘School we’d like’ competition. This competition is run by The Guardian and Zurich Municipal and is an opportunity for students and staff to work together to win £5,000 to improve an area of their school.
They selected the school pets’ corner and were very fortunate to be selected as ‘Regional finalists’ which meant that they were one of the final 3 entries for the south of the UK.
Yesterday, Carolyn, Jen, Amy, Abbie Graham and Jacob Glen-Davis went to London to present their entry to a ‘Dragon’s Den style’ panel. This involved a 10 minute presentation, including a video which many students had contributed to, and then a further 10 minutes of questions from the panel, which was made up of authors and journalists.
Abbie and Jacob did a fantastic job presenting to the panel. Abbie spoke really clearly and Jacob used the iPad to introduce the team and tell the panel a bit about our school.
Their idea was to improve accessibility for our pets’ corner and they hope that the bid was well received. They now have to wait a week to find out whether they have made it through to the final…it’s going to be a long week!
Thank you to all of the parents and students involved for all of their support with this project.”

You can watch our video presentation on you tube by following the link below


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