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The Sparkle Appeal—Smarties for Sparkle

The Sparkle Appeal—Smarties for Sparkle

Dear Parents

As an ongoing fund raising initiative for Phase 2 of the Sparkle Appeal, we are  offering all families, staff and supporters a tube of Smarties and asking for the empty tube to be filled with 20p coins and returned to Sparkle. There is no time limit—take as long as you like to  collect your 20p coins!  Over time we could raise a significant sum of money  towards the new Therapy Centre.

Please use your discretion as to whether or not the enclosed Smarties are suitable for your child, bearing in mind allergies and eating ability. We hope you will give them to siblings, friends, family or enjoy them yourself if they are not suitable for your child. Please share them with anyone who may be able to help contribute 20p to fill the empty tubes!  A final point on health and safety—please keep tubes with coins in away from young children who might expect to find  Smarties in the tube!

Thank You!

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