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WheelPower, the national organisation for wheelchair sport have launched the ‘Talk About Taking Part’ survey to find out what can be done to help more wheelchair users lead healthy active lives and take part in sport.

Disabled people who use a wheelchair in everyday life, or who would use one for sport, are urged to complete the survey.  We are keen to find the views of those who don’t take part in any sport as well as people who already lead active lives. The survey aims to find to what extent wheelchair users are involved in sports and physical activities, and to understand any barriers to participation. It will guide WheelPower’s strategy and put access and inclusion as a priority for national sporting bodies.

WheelPower’s National Sport Director Chris Turner said “We’re looking forward to finding out what wheelchair users want from their sports or physical activities. Every response will help WheelPower work towards making wheelchair sport more accessible. This research will also be important in challenging sports bodies and retailers to provide more facilities for disabled people in the future. If you’re a wheelchair user, now’s the chance for you to talk about taking part and make your voice heard.”

Sport England’s Senior Disability Manager, Thomas Smith said, “This survey is a great opportunity for WheelPower to check in with its audience, and hear their views on sport and being active.  Its findings will help WheelPower continue to offer its invaluable service and respond to new trends and behaviour.  The more completed surveys it receives, the more informed it will be, and I would encourage people to promote and complete the survey.”

For more information and to take part in the WheelPower survey:

Wheelpower Survey

Closing date: Friday 6th May 2016


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