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Bamboozle return to VEC

Our students have been enchanted today by the wonderful Bamboozle Theatre Company who brought their new production ‘Makara & the Mountain Dragon’ to Victoria. The production is an intimate sensory story which uses music, song, lighting, puppetry and effects to tell the story of a land where dragons and magic are more than myths. We met Makara, a girl who is different, a girl who has wings. Makara wants to learn how to fly. A dragon’s egg, the first in a thousand years, is about to hatch. It is Makara’s destiny to return the young dragon to where it belongs. The mountains are calling. The mountain dragon is waiting…..

It really was as great as it sounds and the students enjoyed every moment. We are extremely grateful to Bamboozle and their talented players who brought the tale to life and made our students feel as though they were a part of the story. Huge thanks also go to Belinda Ellicott who organised the visit.

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