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Beat the Street

I want to introduce you to an exciting physical initiative that is happening in Poole and other parts of the county over the next month called ‘Beat the Street’.

Beat The Street is a fun way of encouraging people to get out and about in their communities and with support from Public Health Dorset and Sport England it is live in our county. We hope to see over 15,000 people playing the game and then going on to remain active.

Basically the school will be entered as a team and receive a ‘Tap Card’ (Like a contactless bank card) and you tap at various locations in Poole. It calculates the amount of miles the school does. It can also be a community event where families, friends etc. can register and represent the school team. The school team is called Victoria Education Centre. Each student will have a card and a map and hopefully you will join in with the fun. If you want extra cards you can get them from various libraries around Poole.

Many schools in Dorset are participating in this initiative and I think it will be a great way to allow our school to compete alongside them. With Half term coming it maybe a way of getting out and enjoying the autumn air if possible. If you do get involved it would be fabulous if you could take some photos and email the school to showcase our students getting involved.

Please find below some links giving more information, including a You Tube Clip explaining the initiative.




Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in sport

Simon Higgins

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