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Bournemouth School for Girls

Students from Bournemouth School for Girls paid us a visit yesterday to present a cheque for just over £278.00.

The money was raised through an event called the ‘£5.00 Challenge’.

“Each class in the Sixth form Year 12 are set a challenge of turning £5.00 in to more money,” explains Taylor King, one of the student’s. “The total money raised then goes to a charity chosen by each individual form”.

Fellow student Shakira Wanduragala continued, “We all made pizzas, sold off each slice and then with the proceeds we purchased sweets and sweet bags to then sell on”.

The donation will go towards our ‘Canopy Appeal’ which has been set up to raise funds for an 80m walkway between two buildings of the school, which desperately requires a covering, as disabled students are open daily to the elements as they cross between them.

“The reason we chose to donate to Victoria Education Centre is because two years ago I completed my work experience at the school, said Abbi Hurd, another BSG student. “The children, who have physical disabilities or complex medical conditions are an inspiration and I came away from my time spent with them determined to try and offer support in the future.”

Thank you girls, Victoria is extremely grateful for this valuable donation and your support.


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