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Continued Learning at Victoria

At Victoria we are very keen to carry on learning through the residential setting. You will have your own individual targets which you work on in class and in the Children’s Home. We will help you with any homework you may have. You will have access to computers, iPads, the internet (with filters) and a quiet place to study.

We also realise that learning is about having fun and everyone has their own specific hobbies and interests, and we do our best to support these. We offer a wide variety of activities both on and off site, including:

  • Digital Music Club
  • Faith Club
  • Art/Craft Club
  • Youth Club
  • School Drama Group
  • Play-Station/Wii Nights
  • Film Nights

Before your stay, you will meet with staff and plan your activities and meal choices for the weekend (for example, bowling, followed by pizza with friends from Victoria, or just a walk around the local forest and an ice cream).

Whilst at Victoria you will have the opportunity to learn to cook, clean and manage your personal finances yourself. You are encouraged to participate as much as possible with these experiences. These are often set as individual targets. Your keyworker will also attend your review meetings with you, where you will discuss your long term plans.

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