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Rickshaw Challenge

Student Ebony Robinson is back at school now having had a chance to rest up after her participation in this year’s Rickshaw Challenge for BBC Children in Need and helping to raise an astonishing £3.5 Million. Some of you may have followed her progress on TV or the BBC website. Reflecting on her experience Ebony had this to say.

“Overall it was hard and there were many ups and downs along the way. The team were like a big family and we worked for each other and also relied on each other for support. One of the best memories for me was bonding with the team and giving them nicknames. It wasn’t only a physical challenge it was a mental one too as we had to make appeals and speeches which I found quite nerve-wracking. Crossing the finishing line felt good, I had a sense of relief that we had finished, but also it was a good feeling knowing we had done something good and for the benefit of others. I will miss the good friends I made but plan on keeping in touch with all of them”.

We are extremely proud of Ebony who, by completing this challenge, has demonstrated perfectly the qualities that Victoria aspires to for our students.

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