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Sports Day 2017 ‘Clash of the Classes’

It was Sports Day last Wednesday  and there were even more super heroes at Victoria than usual. The theme this year was ‘Clash of the Classes’. We had a very colourful parade with some amazing costumes to start proceedings, as our audience of parents, carers and friends clapped them on. The standard of fancy dress was top notch as all teams pulled out the stops to win the coveted fancy dress parade trophy. After the customary ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen the judges declared the winners. This year in 3rd place was The Guardians of the Galaxy, in 2nd The Fantastic 4 and the winners were The Justice League with team captain Amar collecting the trophy from special guest Tony Bernard from the Steve Bernard Foundation.

First game up was the class mannequin challenge in which our teams had to create their very own super hero from various accessories. As you will see from the photos there were some very original designs. There can only be one winner though and the prize went to The Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was then down to the serious business of the day, the sports day trophy games. Parents, Carers and friends got to participate in the egg and spoon race with teams trying to collect the most eggs. It was then time for some well-earned lunch.

In the afternoon our teams were back into hero mode as the serious competition started with the sack race. The sun made a welcome appearance just in time as the water games started, the water cooled things off a little. The teams were very evenly matched going into the last game which was basically just an excuse to get our leavers Amy Bateman and Hannah Parry drenched. It was a lot of fun. The judges then had to total all the points and declare the winners. This year in 3rd place were…..The X-Men, in 2nd The Justice League and sports day champions for 2017 went to The Fantastic 4 who were…fantastic! Tony Barnard presented the cup to team captain Ceri Vosper.

A really amazing day of fun which everyone enjoyed. Special thanks must go to our fantastic staff who were the real heroes today for all the effort that went into those costumes and for making sure the students were looked after and having fun. Huge thanks also goes to special guest Tony Bernard and to all our parents, carers and friends for their brilliant support. Finally, a real heroic thanks to Hannah Parry, Martin Cook and the PE team for organising a memorable day. The galaxy has been saved!

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