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Stoke Mandeville National Junior Games – Day 2 Round-Up

Simon Higgins was in touch late last night to fill us in on everything that happened during a busy first full day of the Stoke Mandeville National Junior Games…

All students have got truly stuck in to all of the competitions. Regan won three out of three in his Boccia this morning with some solid play.

Ryan has been busy playing pool, table cricket and polybat with plenty of wins.

Esther, Elisha, Torin and Amar have won pool matches and are in the next stages.

Charlotte won some exciting Boccia matches, and Sophie has produced some great points in shooting.

Tyler scored a hole-in-one in golf with his first shot of the day!

Students have also participated in zone hockey, javelin, shot put, and demonstrated agilty in punching the moving iSpar boxing bag.

All students should continue to be proud of their effort, attitude and sportsmanship.

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