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Bamboozle return to VEC

The amazing Bamboozle Theatre Company joined us today for four performances of their sensory production ‘Pulse’. Pulse is an original story inspired by the soulful sounds of the deep south and other-worldly atmosphere of the American Dust Bowl. Using visual effects, puppetry, live music and a sprinkling of water, Pulse tells the story of a group of friends and long overdue rain. Along comes Clanky Jane with her ‘Cloud-O-Matic’ machine: a strange, noisy contraption made from junk. But will some crazy percussion and a bit of magic make the rain come? The students were enthralled throughout, joining in with the music and interacting with the lifelike puppets. These experiences are priceless. A huge thank you to all of the talented players from Bamboozle for another memorable performance.

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